Cancun is acknowledged throughout the world for its magnificent white sand coastlines and its interesting sea in blue-green blue tones. With one-of-a-kind natural areas, Mayan culture, water tasks and journey. International food, magnificent fairway, advanced day spa centers, unique shopping centers, common handicraft markets along with shows, bars and bars that give popularity to its incomparable nightlife.


Cancun is identified globally for its incredible coastlines of fine white sand, its remarkable blue-green blue sea as well as exceptional weather conditions, along with exceptional air as well as land connectivity, as well as a top-notch resort facilities that positions it as one of the very best destinations for visitors worldwide …


A deserted island

Five years ago, Cancún was a deserted island and the couple also knew of its existence.

Situated in a virtually neglected region of the Caribbean, it included a collection of dune in the shape of a number “7 ″ -some parts of which were only 20 meters (66 feet) large- separated from the landmass by two slim canals that opened out on to a significant shallows system.

The coastline consisted of marshes, mangroves, virgin forest as well as undiscovered coastlines. Even its name was unclear: some maps called it “Kankun” (a single word composed with both “k’s”), which implies “pot of snakes” or “nest of snakes” in Maya.

Nonetheless, in the initial Infratur papers (a government company existing prior to the production of Fonatur), it is created as 2 words, “Kan Kun,” and also periodically, “Can Cún” (in its Spanish form). The present name of “Cancún” is an all-natural phonetic development that assists in enunciation.


The main money is the Mexican peso, yet the major bank card and US bucks are approved in most tourist points of interest.

There are financial institutions, Atm machines and exchange residences offered in several of the destinations, nevertheless, it is recommended to constantly fill with Mexican pesos.


Southeast Time (UTC-5), which continues to be set throughout the year.


Most of the year we have a warm and humid environment. The average annual temperature is 26 ° C, the ordinary maximum temperature is 33 ° C and also it takes place in the summer months (April and August), the average minimum temperature level is 17 ° C throughout the month of January. The stormy period is from May to October.


It is worth mentioning that many dining establishments of the destination have the acknowledgment of the 4 and also 5 Rubies of the American Vehicle Organization (AAA) as well as of popular travel magazines.

Highlights the vital cooking movement that brings together cooks from all over the world who supervise resort and restaurant kitchens providing eye-catching gastronomic proposals that invite vacationers to venture with new sensations.

Cancun shows a remarkable cooking experience through the combination of the tastes of Mexican cuisine with all its local versions to one of the most polished global foods that are a pleasure for the senses.

Popular dining establishments, unparalleled interest and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and also the Nichupte Lagoon, are several of the elements that place Cancun as an exceptional gastronomic destination.

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