El Meco Archaeological Site

A fantastic surprise in a remote Cancun area, El Meco, a tiny however significant Mayan Archaeological site situated in Cancun, was just lately opened to the public. The site is well maintained and also worth a check out prior to heading to Cancun beaches or getting on the Isla Mujeres ferryboat. The Itzamna influence appears in this area. Snakeheads enhance the Castillo stairs, the greatest Mayan pyramid in the Cancun location.


El Meco is located to the north of Cancun en route to Punta Sam as well as Puerto Juarez. It has the greatest archaeological framework in the northern peninsula (12m/40ft) which sustains archaeological findings that this location was used for maritime navigation. From the top of the Castillo, one can see the Caribbean Sea, every one of Cancun’s lagoons, and Isla Mujeres. It is thought to be the lighthouse of the region.

El Meco had two area risings. Excavators believe that this small city was first occupied in 200 AD and consequently abandoned around 600 AD. It was throughout this moment the neighborhood functioned as an essential civil and ritualistic center. It depended upon Coba for survival.

The 2nd climbing and also duration of success was during the blog post classic duration. Excavators see architectural highlights that reverberate with Chichen Itza and the Itzamna. At the foot of the eastern facing actions of the Castillo are two unspoiled serpent heads, comparable to that discovered at Chichen Itza. It was also throughout this moment that close-by negotiations, San Miguelito and also El Rey worked with El Meco to additionally establish the Maya inland and also sea profession networks. It is thought the settlement was abandoned upon the arrival of the Spanish yet the real history is unknown. One of the most vital and outstanding structures is the Castillo, with its serpent heads, a tiny temple at the base, and the sight of the sea and bordering lagoons.


We loved looking for El Meco in the northern part of Cancun. Out of the ordinary and also with few indicators to indicate where the actual Mayan mess-up site is located, we explored parts of Cancun we had never ever seen. Expecting a little website like that of El Rey as well as San Miguelito, we were happily stunned by the elevation of the Castillo. In the holy place beside the base of the Castillo, we did find proof that additional excavation is happening on this site where we located carvings laid out thoroughly on the flooring. We additionally enjoyed that the website has unbelievable trees. Luckily this suggests lots of shade, but it additionally demonstrates how long this website has actually been ‘in damages’ and untouched.


El Meco taking Av. Bonampak to Av. Portillo Lopez. Turn right into Puerto Juarez, and afterwards turn right when you get to the Port entry. On your right-hand side is a huge sign, albeit covered in vegetation, for El Meco. When you are ended up at the damages, relax at the tiny dining establishments

See and enjoy the Interactive Aquarium

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